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Social Sciences

To enable young people to become critical thinkers is the best gift a teacher can offer.  To analyse and question the world, to empathise with others and to become perceptive and considerate citizens are skills valued in all societies.   As a Social Science teacher you can do all these things.  You will be enabling an understanding of the causes and motivations behind human behaviour and the consequences and treatments for when behaviours go wrong.   You will equip your students with an understanding of how the most personal of behaviours can, unknowingly, be a response to social structures.  Social Science teachers have licence to educate their students to become positive contributors to their local community and society as a whole. 

Our Social Science course will prepare you to teach the various Social Sciences at GCSE and A level.  We work with you to develop your specialism but we also aim to equip you with the knowledge to be a versatile Social Scientist.  Psychology and Sociology are the most popular Social Sciences and we ensure you are able to teach at least one of these in addition to your specialism.  As well as supporting your knowledge we aim to share our teaching experience to help you design and deliver stimulating Social Science lessons that will inspire students, motivating them to further their Social Sciences to university and beyond.  You will also be guided in how to assess and track student progress, and how to use this information to help plan future lessons. You will be given opportunities to learn from, and work with, highly skilled Social Science teachers on your two placements, to learn about how students learn best and current pedagogy.

Our aim is to train teachers who can demonstrate a love of their subject, enthuse their students and bring their chosen Social Science to life.

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