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‘Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.” 

William Paul Thurston


Over the years, Maths has been described in many different ways from numbers and calculations to the study of patterns.  It has an unwarranted poor image based on misrepresentation and we must challenge that ethos.  We are looking for candidates with the ability to draw upon a love of Maths, to encourage and inspire and to make the most of the abundant creativity in young minds.


For over two thousand years, Maths has been at the forefront of the development of civilisation.  Faced with both mundane and abstract problems, our desire for answers drives us to solve them.  To facilitate that, Maths provides the opportunity to develop critical, quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills.  It teaches independent thinking and the ability to manipulate precise and intricate ideas, construct logical arguments and communicate findings.  These highly desirable skills underpin the profiles of wide and varied career routes. 


Whatever your opinion on, ‘what is Maths?’ it is, without a doubt challenging, rewarding and fun.


Learning in the classroom requires a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals with the ability to organise, plan and prepare the highest quality lessons that pave the way for student understanding and progress.  Trainees will benefit from the opportunity to work alongside experienced and enthusiastic Mathematicians, teach across all ability and age ranges and work collaboratively to further their own practice and subject knowledge.


Teaching offers you the real privilege to work alongside our future generations, influencing their outlook on life and helping them to achieve their potential.


Our training programme prepares you well for the demands and rewards of the teaching profession with many of our candidates acquiring jobs in our partner schools.  We want your inspiration, dedication and contribution to help remould the perception of Maths in those around you.

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