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“Great English teachers are passionate. They’re people to be reckoned with, people with opinions, people you can’t ignore. They are people who students want to listen to and ask questions of.”
                                                                                             Geoff Barton

English teachers are central to their students’ education, linking all subjects in the curriculum. Developing your students’ ability in English will give them communication skills they can utilise throughout their lives, whether these are concerned with reading, writing or speaking. What’s more, the study of literature allows individuals to expand their ideas and can provide moral and ethical viewpoints that will last a lifetime. 

On this SCITT course the Subject Specialist Lead will work with you throughout to develop your subject knowledge. The course will prepare you to teach English Language and Literature across the 11-18 age range. In conjunction with centre based training classes you will study key learning theories and methods and develop strategies to create engaging and motivating English lessons which are intended to challenge and inspire your students. The Subject Days can be personalised and adapted to personal strengths and subject knowledge needs based on your two placements in partner schools. 
We train English teachers who are passionate about their subject and who seek to teach outstanding lessons. Many of our trainees acquire jobs in partner schools and quickly progress in the first few years after qualifying.


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