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Our MFL course will prepare you to teach French across the 11-16 age range. 

The course combines the academic study of key language learning theories and methods with a range of practical experiences. You will be placed in two of our alliance schools, with a dedicated subject mentor, working alongside experienced language teachers and will also be given the opportunity to observe lessons in other subjects.

We will work with you to develop your expertise and expand your language skills as well as teaching you how to create motivating and engaging language lessons which will inspire and challenge our young people and create the next generation of life-long language speakers. 

Our course is very much a personalised one and is adapted to build on your personal strengths and provide the knowledge and experiences you need to develop into an outstanding teacher of MFL.

You will learn how to make maximum use of the target language in your lessons and will be guided through the processes of planning and assessing your pupils’ progress, ensuring that your teaching meets the needs of every individual pupil.

Since MFL is a national shortage subject and government priority, there is a growing need for high quality language teachers and this course will make you very employable. Many of our trainees acquire jobs in our partner schools where they have been on placement and quickly progress in the first few years of qualifying. 

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