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History Teachers make a difference to the World.  In the UK, History has been the only subject where Secretaries of State and Prime Ministers have directly inserted or adapted the curriculum to fulfil their agenda whenever there has been major curriculum change.  History teachers in Nazi Germany were some of the first to be fired as they refused to tell Hitler’s new version of history.  History is still the only subject that has a topic of study that is a legal requirement.  In short, History matters.

History aims to develop students who have a better understanding of their present by studying their past.  It is a subject that makes students look at the world in different ways and from different perspectives.  It is the story of humanity; from its bravest feats to its cruellest traits.  However, History is not just about the story but the life-long skills that students develop within that story.  Students in History will develop their analytical, critical thinking, empathetic, discursive and evaluative skills.  These are skills that we all should employ every time we listen to a politician, watch the news, or write a cover letter.  It is a subject that captures imaginations, brings tears to our eyes and makes us reflect on our own actions.  We are interested in finding teachers who can inspire and challenge the next generation of young people.

Learning in a classroom requires professionalism, organisation, planning, preparation and excellent subject knowledge, across the department. Trainees will experience lessons across all age and ability ranges within History, as well as a range of Humanities subjects to ensure that they have the best experience to be employable.  Across, the partnership  you will work alongside an experienced team of history teachers and the wider Humanities Faculties, who have proven ability to ensure achievement for all students.

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