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Geography - Pre-course Tasks

Task 1: Look at the latest programmes of study for both KS2, KS3, KS4 in Geography so that you are familiar with them
Task 2: Complete the GCSE papers in blue pen.  In red pen answer it as you think a student would do.  In green pen write down any misconceptions you think students are likely to make.

Task 3 – Subject Knowledge audit

During your PGCE training with Cheshire East SCITT you will need to identify your strengths and weaknesses within your own Subject Knowledge.  When the course begins, the audit will also be used to informal planning for further development of “key gap areas” of subject knowledge, which alongside your subject specialist will identify areas of the curriculum about which you have less security of knowledge and need revision.

Please self-grade and identify the source/s of your knowledge for each of the topics listed below.

Source of Knowledge / Skills (write one or two codes): 
N    None (or below GCSE)
G    GCSE (or O Level)
A    Advanced Level (including AVCE, HNC)
D    Degree Level (including HND)
P    Post-graduate
W    Work-related training

Current Level of Knowledge / Skill (write one grade only):

4    Little or No Secure Knowledge.
3    Basic Personal Knowledge up to GCSE level, however you are not fully aware of possible misconceptions and how to address them and you may inadvertently reinforce misconceptions.
2    Secure knowledge / skill up to GCSE that would enable you to teach this to pupils.  You would be aware of the common misconceptions in this skill area and you would be able to address these in a lesson.
1    Secure knowledge / skill up to A Level standard.


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