What is your background? 

Looking back over a career spanning 30 years in pastoral care, I am thankful that I have had an amazing experience in delivering learning interventions and support for vulnerable children, I feel that my most successful achievements have arisen from learning and helping others to learn. It is undoubtedly what makes me tick.

As a child I would read stories and create alternative worlds for my siblings to leap into and create many an adventure. As a teenager I volunteered to help primary school children learn to read and articulate meaning and importantly develop further their imagination and perspective of the world.  As a parent I read and wrote stories and poetry for my children which developed their creativity and confidence; to cap it all off I finally completed an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature which ultimately proved to be the catalyst for my own teaching career.



Why did you decide to teach?


I decided to take a leap of faith as it made perfect sense to join up the dots and consolidate my unique experience with teaching. I wanted to share my love of learning to inspire children, my subject knowledge to promote their understanding and my vision for English to enable children to articulate voice, opinion, and aspirations.

What do you enjoy about teaching?


Everything! The joy of teaching is like nothing else, the awe of seeing the ‘penny drop’, the discussions, the challenges and knowing that you make a difference to so many lives.

Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?


As a career changer I wanted to be in a classroom to train and learn first-hand from the professionals, their expertise, their knowledge, and their vast experience. SCITT has so many positive recommendations I wanted to learn from those who knew the role inside out and were willing to share and guide me. Choosing to train with SCITT was a monumental right decision and one I will always be thankful for.


What are you looking forward to as an ECT?


I am looking forward to putting all my training and experience as a teacher into practice. English Language and Literature is my passion, and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for it with all the children I will go on to teach, inclusivity is important to me. The knowledge I share will improve confidence and the difference this can make to a child’s life, will inevitably shape opportunities and success to live, travel and work in a myriad of occupations. Equally being able to inject curiosity, fun and cultural capital into lessons to awaken ideas and open up horizons has the potential to ensure progress and wider thinking.

Also, I am looking forward to creating new links within different school settings, new relationships with colleagues and young people, a chance to collaborate in teaching and develop practice within a profession which provides me with the opportunity to become a confident and outstanding teacher in the future.


What were the three best things about the programme?


The SCITT leadership team and admin team: Their professionalism, resilience and constant support; no mean feat in one of the most challenging years ever. Also, being part of a team who demonstrate a collaborative approach and drive to support and to see us all succeed.


Absolutely Fridays! The once weekly training sessions whether in Holmes Chapel socially distanced of course, or over zoom enabled an open forum for discussion, for subject specialist days and for well- being check ins.  The opportunity to explore new ideas, theories and practices from professionals, colleagues and practitioners. To share best practice and to draw strength at times- when needed.


To know you are not alone. Training to teach is an intensive experience.

The facility to train in school and remotely has been invaluable. I feel prepared for anything now.  


Thank you for this experience – being able to build rapport and relationships with pupils, teachers, mentors, teaching professionals and other trainees over the course of this PGCE, in the role, has been rewarding and life changing.