What’s your background?

I finished my degree immediately before starting my teacher training, but I had previously worked in various jobs, both education and non-education related, in the UK and abroad.

Why did you decide to teach?

It was always my intention to become a teacher at some point in my life and the timing felt right. I had taught English abroad to both adults and children and found it immensely rewarding so it seemed the logical next step after finishing my studies.


I am extremely passionate about my subject and want to share this with my students. Furthermore, I truly believe that education opens so many doors for children and I want to help them realise their potential, improve their social mobility and expand their horizons.

What do you like about teaching?

It sounds really cliché, but I love that every day I have a positive impact on someone’s life and make a difference. Teaching is very hard work and sometimes it can be hard to see the positives, but ultimately it is a highly rewarding career. I love seeing my students make progress and take an interest in my subject and the world around them. When children ask me questions about languages or other cultures, it is very satisfying to know that I have had a part in getting them interested and learning about other places.


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?

I wanted to train on “on the job” and have as much time in schools as possible. I think the SCITT route gives you a much deeper foundation compared to the university route and it also gives you a much more realistic insight into what life will be like as an NQT.


I chose the Cheshire East SCITT as during my interview I felt that the staff all wanted me to do well and succeed. I felt that I would be well supported to develop as a teacher and that I would be treated as an individual and not just a number. This initial positive feeling has lasted until the very last day and I couldn’t have made a better choice of training provider to start my career in education.

​How did you enjoy the programme?

The programme is hard work but very comprehensive and rewarding. I enjoyed having the weekly training sessions to reflect upon and improve my practice, as well as sharing ideas with other trainees. I also enjoyed the fact that I could get involved as much as possible in school life and was treated as a regular member of staff from day one.


What do you look forward to?

I look forward to having my own classes and classroom as an NQT and continuing to share my love for languages and different cultures. I also look forward to getting to know some new children and new colleagues and the chance to continually improve my practice to become a confident and outstanding teacher.

What were the three best things about the programme:


The support from everyone on the course: the SCITT team, my mentors, the wider school staff and the other trainees.


The weekly sessions where I could chat with other trainees, reflect on the week and we could support each other through the highs and lows as a group. Being such an intense but rewarding programme means that you form close relationships with everyone and become good friends as well as colleagues.


The amount of time spent in schools. As a result of being in school much more than the traditional university route, I could really get to know my students and form great relationships with them.