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Chemistry - Subject Specific Resources

Task 1: Look at the new (2016) KS4 programmes of study for Chemistry.  You will need to look at versions for both separate science (Chemistry) and the Chemistry component of the dual award GCSE.  Make sure you understand what the different assessment objectives are and the role of the essential practicals.  Have a look at the KS3 programme of study and be aware of the different ways in which schools are delivering KS3 (over 2 or 3 years) and KS4 (over 3 or 2 years) or as a 5 year continuum. 


Task 2: Complete the two higher level specimen papers in black or blue ink.  Then go back and annotate in green, any areas where you think the students may struggle – either because they have misconceptions or because they may misinterpret the question.  If possible, give an indication of how you think students may struggle.

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