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What is your background? 


I did a film and television production degree before completing my masters in English literature and worked on tills at Tescos before starting my teacher training with the SCITT - it was by far the best decision I made, I am now a qualified teacher with a teaching job I love, a secure pension, great holidays, and opportunities to develop within my career!


Why did you decide to go into teaching?

Every day is different and rewarding when working with children and there are so many opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop within your career, the possibilities are endless! 


What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Inspiring, facilitating, and encouraging children to achieve their goals in life, whatever they may be! Making a difference in a young person’s life that they will remember forever!


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and specifically the Cheshire East SCITT?

The Cheshire East SCITT is widely recognised as one of the best, if not the best, teacher training programme in the area, with lots of support from experienced staff who listen to feedback from their trainees and act upon feedback to improve overall experience. 


Do you have a job for next year and what are you looking forward to?

I have a wonderful teaching job secured for me in September and couldn’t be happier, I am particularly looking forward to meeting my form and all of my classes, taking part in the staff clubs and activities, and making use of all of the amazing staff benefits!


What were the three best things about the programme?

The SCITT staff listened to our feedback and provided emotional support for any professional or personal problems we experienced during our time on the SCITT. Our placement schools were also carefully picked based on our locations and  personalities and we were put in schools that would provide the best development opportunities for us personally. 

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