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What is your background?


After getting my degree in Business Management in Ireland in 2011, I decided move to Manchester to work in recruitment specialising in construction. After a number of years, my role within the business evolved into a trainer where I regularly held practical health & safety training courses with employees across the North West.


Why did you decide to teach?


I decided to change my career path after becoming a parent. Teaching seemed like a natural fit with my time in recruitment and experience leading training courses.


What do you enjoy about teaching?


What I enjoy most about teaching is the fact that every day brings something new and different. The opportunity to work with children and witness their growth and development is incredibly rewarding.


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?


Cheshire East SCITT stood out for its unique approach. The four days a week based in school meant that I could learn while actively engaging in the teaching process.


My decision was further reinforced when I attended the back-to-school 2 day taster event organised by Cheshire East SCITT. I had the chance to witness a typical teaching day first-hand and speak to trainees already on the course. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and they spoke highly of the program. This first-hand experience, coupled with the glowing reviews from the trainees, solidified my decision to choose Cheshire East SCITT.

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Do you have a job for next year and what are you looking forward to?


Yes, I have secured a job as a Business Studies teacher at Manchester Mesivta. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting my new classes and having my own classroom, thanks to the comprehensive training and support provided by Cheshire East SCITT.


What were the three best things about the programme?


Firstly, the support available from the SCITT is exceptional. Through the year, the SCITT made sure I had the resources and assistance I needed to succeed.


Secondly, my placement schools provided me with two diverse and enriching experiences. Both schools offered unique teaching environments, allowing me to develop a well-rounded skill set and adapt to different settings. The positive experiences I had at both placements truly prepared me for the challenges and joys of being a teacher.


Lastly, the relationships I forged with the teachers at my placement schools and fellow trainees on the course were invaluable. Collaborating and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals created a supportive community that enhanced my learning journey.


Completing my teacher training with Cheshire East SCITT has been one of the most positive decisions I have made in my life. I am grateful for the training, support and experiences I gained throughout the course.


If you are considering a career in teaching, I highly recommend Cheshire East SCITT.

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