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What is your background? 


I studied Fine art and Education studies at the University of Chester. Prior to starting teacher training I worked as a teaching assistant in local special needs schools.


Why did you decide to go into teaching?

I have always wanted a job where I could be creative and share my passion for the arts. During my time as a Teaching Assistant I decided to train to be a teacher so I could combine my love for the arts and education.


What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The students are the best part of the job, especially when you know you are making a positive impact to their lives.  I also love that I can share my passion for my subject and use it to inspire the next generation of young artists.


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and specifically the Cheshire East SCITT?

I knew from day one that this was the course for me just from seeing how welcoming and efficient the SCITT team were on my interview day. I really liked that you’re in school on the first day of term which definitely helped me settle into my placement school quickly. This also meant that disruption to students was minimal because they see you as a new teacher that started in September.


Do you have a job for next year and what are you looking forward to?

I have a job for September at Ruskin community high school as an Art & Design teacher. This was my placement A school and I’m looking forward to being a part of the school again with my own room and becoming a year 8 form tutor.


What were the three best things about the programme?

  1. I really enjoyed SCITT training days on Fridays. Having the time to openly share your experiences of your busy week are necessary to everyone’s well-being.

  2. To have the opportunity to learn from subject experts and your subject Mentors with in school and on subject specific days have been essential for my development. I’m very grateful for their support throughout this course.

  3. The strength of this programme is the quality of the support you get from the SCITT and fellow trainees during your training.

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