What is your background? 


I completed my History Degree in 2019 and was eager to get into teaching and share discussion about my subject.


Why did you decide to teach?


I had always enjoyed convincing people that History is not a “boring” subject, and I was excited to work with young people to impart my passion and gain new perspectives through discussion of History.

What do you enjoy about teaching?


I really enjoy day-to-day working with the students and having meaningful discussions with them, but also that general discussion with them about how things are going. It is also a great feeling when you look through books and see a student do exactly what you had hoped for, or even going above and beyond.




Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?


I chose Cheshire East SCITT because I had taken part on a ‘Back to School’ experience day with them whilst completing my studies at university and I immediately thought that it was the programme for me! It was clear to see the positives of getting school experience early and the level of support and professionalism that they provide.


What are you looking forward to as an ECT?


I am looking forward to putting everything that I have learned over the course into practice as the sole teacher in the room. I feel very prepared and excited to develop my career further.


What were the three best things about the programme?


  1. The level of support from staff at the SCITT as well as the incredibly helpful advice and support from placement school mentors and departments.

  2. The togetherness of the trainees on the cohort, especially those at the same placement schools.

  3. Training has been really professional, useful and engaging, even in spite of the fact that most sessions had to take place online.