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What is your background? 


Before I came into teaching, I was a university lecturer in American History.


Why did you decide to teach?


I came into teaching because I love working with young people and getting them engaged with history.

What do you enjoy about teaching?


Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession. I enjoy building relationships with students, and helping them achieve their potential. As a teacher, I am always learning, and enjoy testing out new strategies and approaches in the classroom, keeping the job exciting and my students engaged.



Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?


I chose Cheshire East SCITT because it provided the opportunity to work with students from day one. There is no better place to learn about teaching than in the classroom! I also chose this route into teaching because of Cheshire East’s excellent reputation.


What are you looking forward to as an ECT?


I am looking forward to being responsible for my own students and classes, helping to develop the next generation of young historians. I am also really excited to lead extra-curricular history activities at my new school.


What were the three best things about the programme?


  1. The mentoring on the programme is exceptional. I learnt so much from my mentors during my training year and I felt really well supported.

  2. The programme of training prepares you really well for teaching. The breadth and depth of the course is superb. Some of my favourite sessions were on metacognition, behaviour for learning, assessment for learning, questioning, feedback and working with parents.

  3. Both placement schools were wonderful places to work, where I got to know some amazing teachers, trainees, support and administrative staff. There is a real commitment to sharing best practice, and working as a team to achieve the best outcomes for students.

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