What do you like about teaching?

Teaching makes me feel like I’m making a difference and doing something worthwhile. I have never loved a job so much, nor minded the additional workload. When you can see the progress that pupils are making, and under your guidance, I feel such pride in myself and in them. Additionally, teaching is a very supportive career. No matter which school I’ve been in, I have always felt like my welfare mattered and have been lucky enough to meet people who are now good friends.


Why did you choose the SCITT route?

I initially came to an open evening at Holmes Chapel. By the end of the evening I was sold – I wanted to do practical based training rather than University led, and logistically it made a lot of sense as I live in Cheshire East. Another big factor was the 100% success rate at getting their trainees into jobs, how the local schools recognise the value and success of the programme, and how well the schools get to know all the trainees too. I like that our cohort is relatively small and personal compared to a large University session and the support we have all received from the SCITT team has been invaluable. You get a real taste of school life and SCITT trainees are very well prepared for life as an NQT and beyond.


How are you finding it?

I absolutely love it! My  friends and family say that I’m a different person, that my happiness is noticeable. I used to wake up and groan and calculate how long I could stay in bed for. Now when my radio alarm goes off, I sing to my dog! I sometimes feel weary at the end of the school day but it’s a good kind of tiredness. I learn so much every day and the people at my placement schools have been so welcoming. I never mind what day it is, week day or weekend I start and end the day happy. This year has been one of the best of my life and I cannot wait to get started in September as an NQT!



What do you look forward to in September?


Being able to put all my training into practice. I feel confident in my abilities and now is the time when I get to be independent and put my mark on teaching. I look forward to having my own classes, to watching my pupils grow and develop, and to helping them explore the world of new languages and cultures. I love seeing the look on pupils’ faces when they are engaged and totally focussed. It makes my day when a child says to me “miss, I didn’t used to like French but now I do”. Some lessons are hard but there is always something I can take away from it.


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