What’s your background?

I started as a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA FMAAT) then went

onto teaching accountancy and business at two local further education


Why did you decide to teach?

I left my career as an accountant to have children.  I took up teaching in a

college on a part-time basis at first so I could still be a full-time mum. 

However, I liked teaching so much that I wanted to do it full-time therefore

I opted to retrain to teach secondary mathematics.

What do you like about teaching?

Helping children achieve more, to learn new skills.  It’s nice when they develop an understanding for a topic, particularly if what they have learnt helps them to gain a good qualification which then leads them to have a more comfortable life or rewarding career.  I enjoy making a positive difference to children’s lives.

Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route?

I chose the SCITT course as I wanted on-the-job training and not university-based training.  I wanted to be hands-on in a great school as soon as possible, working and learning alongside outstanding teachers.

How did you enjoy the programme?

I think the SCITT course is really fulfilling, practical and rewarding.  I am learning all of the time. I have learnt a lot from the teaching staff, mentors and conference speakers.  Following the training sessions I have been able to implement new teaching strategies in my own practice and get the opportunity to share good practice with other trainee teachers.


What do you look forward to?

All my pupils making good or outstanding progress and seeing them achieve more from my lessons than they expected.

What were the three best things about the programme:


Having classroom exposure from day one of the course, therefore feeling part of a team at my placement school


Meeting with other trainees every Friday to discuss our progress and share best practice.


Having the support not only from my school placement mentors and teachers, but excellent support from the SCITT staff at HCCS.


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