What’s your background?


I am from Cheshire and went to school and college in the area. I have just

finished studying at the University of Leeds and gained a degree in Economics

and History (BA)


Why did you decide to teach?


I decided to teach because I want to make a positive impact on young people

and inspire them to achieve their goals. I want to work in the comprehensive

school system because I believe this is where I can make the most valuable

impact on pupils. I also wanted a career with high job satisfaction, which I

believe teaching will give me. I also enjoy working with people and helping



What do you like about teaching?


I enjoy being in the classroom and around young people and hearing their

ideas on the world. I enjoy encouraging young people to do the best they can

and feel confident in their ideas. I also enjoy being able to use my subject

knowledge of History and I enjoy passing on my passion to the pupils and trying

to engage pupils who may not have been interested in the subject before.

I also enjoy the fact that no two days are the same and every day brings a new


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route?

I chose the school based route because I wanted to be in the classroom from day one and have as much practical experience as possible. I thought it would improve my confidence in the classroom much quicker, which I believe it has done. The pupils also view you more as a teacher, rather than a trainee as you are present from the first day of term. I also liked the Friday training sessions at our centre base, because they are a good opportunity to reflect on the week and to set targets for the week ahead. As well as having the experience of Karen and other teachers from schools across the cohort to help and pass on their experience of teaching.

How are you finding it?


So far, I have enjoyed my time in school and the Friday sessions at Holmes Chapel. My confidence in the classroom has improved so much since my first day and I started teaching in my third week, which wouldn’t have happened had I taken a more traditional PGCE route. Having a smaller cohort of trainees also makes the Friday sessions more valuable because we can all have more input than we might have done in a traditional PGCE class. My mentors in school are all really supportive and confident in my abilities, and staff have been very welcoming to me.


What do you look forward to?


I am looking forward to teaching more and more lessons each week and trying different things. I also look forward to developing further in the areas I am currently focussing on, such as differentiation in mixed ability groups and behaviour management. I also look forward to watching the classes I am starting to take over, progress in their learning and tracking this through formal and informal assessment opportunities.


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