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What is your background?


After university I was a physio working with the military for 10 years


Why did you decide to teach?


I found my job moving towards the training of colleagues, mentoring young practitioners, and educating the military in more efficient training methods. This became more of my passion than treating and training patients so I decided to pursue a career in it.


What do you enjoy about teaching?


I have always enjoyed working with young people, it is challenging and rewarding in equal measures.


Why did you choose the School Centred Initial Teacher Training route and the Cheshire East SCITT?


The SCITT route was more appealing to me as it offers most time in school, gaining valuable hands-on experience. I had heard good things about the Cheshire East SCITT from a family member and after speaking to the admin team, I was confident they would be the best people to help me transition to my new profession.

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What are you looking forward to?


I am looking forward to seeing the impact I can have on a young person's life. There are certain teachers that helped guide me through life and I would love to be able to pass that on.


What were the three best things about the programme?


Sense of unity within the cohort

Support from the admin team

Chimney House Schools for placements 

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